The most important crops in the world are grains: corn (maize), wheat and rice. They are also the backbone of our agribusiness activities. There is a widening mismatch between where crops are produced and where they are consumed as the global market continues to grow, mostly in developing countries.
Complex geopolitics, extreme climate conditions, and economic uncertainty mean trade in basic foodstuffs has never been more critical. We can make the right connections with our integrated value chain, linking farmers small and large to the global marketplace. From the entire nations to small livestock producers, we supply high-quality commodity products to end-customers.



Vegetable Oils and Sugar 

With plenty of potential for further growth, global per capita consumption is rising sharply. ABOX has the experience and knowledge control all the intermediate logistics up to the customers’ delivery point and source the grain from the international markets, anywhere in the world. Our range includes frying oils, buttery spreads, and margarine, liquid butter alternatives, cooking and virgin oils and pan sprays. They are all rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. In addition our team offer solutions to supply of sugar.