Due Diligence services

Our company has a strong relationship with our partners who are interested in purchasing  gold bars, diamonds and petroleum products (mazut, jp54, etc)

However, before any offer is passed to our partners it goes through our due diligence routine.

We run different background checks and based on our conclusion give offer a rating from 0 to 10, only offers with rating of 9+ are considered to be real and pass through our due diligence.

Statistics shows that as of today on average 9 of 10 offers fail our due diligence check.
Please mind that not all offers fail our due dilligence because of being a scam, sometimes they fail because of lack of communication or after the seller did not respond to our emails or calls.

Companies that DID NOT pass our due dilligence:


Soi Phat #34 Rangkamhelm Bangkok Thailand
Represented by Mr Cane Moreland (Dr)

with an offer of : AU (GOLD BARS)

Reason: Mr Cane Moreland started to ignore our emails with different reasons when we asked to arrange a meeting face to face with our representative in Thailand.


Russia, 115682, Moscow, Tverskaya Street, 54


with an offer of:  GAZOIL D2 Diesel GOST 305-82 (Std. Export Quality)

Reason: Company doesnt exist or represents fake information