Metals & Minerals

Our refined metals department trades copper cathodes, copper blister and copper wire rods, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel and precious metals.
Our team is also experienced with scrap, steel, tin, cobalt and specialty alloys or further downstream products of the core metals we trade.
We maintain a global presence. We have the knowledge on the ground to source metals swiftly and cost-effectively from around the world. Our focus is on building volume and meeting the varying needs of producers and end-users.
In increasingly competitive market conditions, the ability to respond swiftly to shifting patterns of demand is a key point of differentiation. The refined metals and concentrates teams collaborate closely, using a range of tools to facilitate trading, including structured finance and tolling modelsWe maintain strong positions in China. Slowing demand for international commodities in this critical region is rebalancing markets and shifting trading priorities. Unlike many other international metal traders, we operate through a domestic trading subsidiary in the country. This is an effective platform for developing and maintaining close trading relationships.

We maintain a global presence offering our trading services in the major hubs. Our knowledge on the ground allows us to source metals swiftly and cost-effectively worldwide. Being active globally allows us to match supply with demand efficiently.