Mobile Clinic

In our today’s interconnected world where natural disasters, toxic waste, and fast spreading diseases may spark any time, health care is a priority and challenge at the same time. The most challenging it may be for developing countries with remote inhabitation from healthcare. Inability to fast access health care in some provinces, makes it difficult for treatment and fast health care response from government on the people needs.MobileClinic-2

Mobile Clinics is the most suitable solution for providing healthcare access to remote areas and ability in prompt response for social changes.

Mobile clinics are specialized in services such as ophthalmology, dental and general doctor clinics. In addition there are supplied with all biomedical supply needed for services.

As opposed to conventional clinics construction schedule, mobile clinics are constructed almost instantly. Every mobile clinic is constructed upon customer requirements and can have multiple specialties inside.

We can supply different types of mobile clinics, such as mobile ophthalmic trailer, mobile dental trailer, mobile doctor’s clinic, mobile exam trailer…



  • MobileClinic-1Reducing pressure off of hospitals
    Mobile clinic can be used to bring advanced health service to remote and poorly accessible locations. These mobile clinics allow initial diagnosis and treatment of patients thus reducing the need for patients to travel in order to get to the major hospital and can be performed an initial diagnosis treatment. Furthermore, implementing the mobile clinics as part of a national health system will enable to direct only the more complex medical cases to the regional health centers.
  • Creating a common population-treatment level
    The mobile clinic solution facilitates the provision of common medical treatment for the population.
  • Shortens the time for patient treatment
  • Cost Saving
    The mobile clinic model is significantly cheaper than establishing a permanent clinic. Construction costs are avoided and directed to invest in more advanced features, such as medical equipment and trained personnel for this purpose. Furthermore, investing in mobile clinics enables health care units to cover a wide geographic area in a short amount of time.
  • Public Satisfaction
    The presence of the mobile clinic with the population and near residential areas increases the sense of assurance between physicians and residents and strengthens confidence in the medical system and their accessibility.
  • Operational efficiency of medical staff
    Planning activities through mobile clinics allows optimal allocation of medical personnel, according to the clinical activities of each period. These clinics also serve as an excellent platform for medical training among medical personnel.
  • Responding to emergencies
    Mobile clinics contribute in rapid response to emergencies such as an outbreak of a specific epidemic in a defined area. In such cases, one can reach the affected areas focusing on high speed response in an effort to quickly diagnose and treat the disease. You can easily allocate additional resources and mobilize them in order to deal more easily with such events.
  • Medical education for the public
    Mobile clinics are ideal means for teaching activity on two levels. First, you can use them as a resource for training people at all levels through a plan of practicing and allocating teams in various activities. At the same time, the mobile clinics may allow an excellent mean of training on different topics such as hygiene, family health, sex education and so on.