Petroleum Products

We understand the international markets in which we operate: interconnection capacities, gas flows, price differences between regions, regulatory regimes, the correlation between commodities, and the impact of weather and other factors on the consumption and production of energy.

Our seasoned traders use their vast experience to design strategies to hedge commodity price risks, to enhance the value of our assets, and to ensure that our enterprise partners and customers have a reliable supply of energy. Our efficient and effective logistics handling, guarantee that customers’ orders are delivered within agreed terms and time.

                                           WHAT WE DO ?

ABOX’s primary activity is the direct purchase and sale or trading of various types of refined petroleum products as well as certain crude oil.

ABOX and its affiliated companies and JV Partners have vast experience and the financial capability to purchase crude oil and refined products and to coordinate the necessary logistics to secure product, as well as to assist in the delivery of such products to our exit buyers.

Our extensive portfolio of qualified exit buyers, sophisticated investment partners and prime financial institutions enables us to function as a purchaser, to take title to the product and to re-sell it to our exit buyers.

We usually work with direct allocations for 12 month supply contracts with possible R&E, FOB Rotterdam or Houston, covering the following products: 

  • Jet Fuel A1

  • Colonial Grade 54 Aviation Kerosene

  • D2 Gas Oil, GOST 305-82

  • D2 . 5 ppm , 10 ppm, 50 ppm. ( 0.01 – 0.02 )
  • Virgin D6 LPFO

  • Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO)

  • Eastern Siberian  Pacific Ocean  oil pipeline ( ESPO )
  • Mexican Export Maya Crude Oil