Private Public Partnership

Private Public PartnershipPrivate Public Partnership – is an option for Government to create a certified facility of a diagnostic center in public hospital for a concession of 10 years without increasing substantive borrowings.
Responsibilities of each party and allocation of revenue will be defined by the Agreement between Government and ABOX based on investments of each party. Minimum government equipment investment needs to be not less than 30%.

Governmental Responsibilities
1. Government body needs to ensure the flow of patience
2. For all the necessary equipment, governmental body should accommodate appropriate rooms and units.
3. Staff ready to be trained for equipment operations
4. Hospital security

ABOX Responsibilities
1. Design of the site
2. Providing equipment for daily operations
3. Complete logistics from Producer to Site installations
4. Operate the CT diagnostics and billing of it
5. Technical support
6. Staff training
7. Other, upon agreement